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'Some Days' Greetings card
'Some Days' Greetings card
Helene The Illustrator

'Some Days' Greetings card

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The emotional rollercoaster of parenting!

We all have ‘those days’ ...teething, sickness bugs, grumpy little sleep thieves, making it impossible to leave the house without losing your shit.
And then, there are lovely days when everything just goes smoothly and you think actually you may be pretty bloody good at this mum lark!

It’s ok to not enjoy every moment, you’re only human! Send some mum solidarity to a friend and let her know she’s not alone.

Square card 150mm x 150mm

Blank inside for your lovely message

Printed on heavyweight textured card made from recycled coffee cups! How cool is that :)

Includes biodegradable envelope and comes in a compostable, biodegradable sleeve