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About Small Thing

Let’s be honest...Parenting is HARD!

The highs, the lows and the chaotic messy in between bits.

One size definitely doesn’t fit all, but we’re all in this crazy club together aren’t we.

Send some support to a new mum, offer a shoulder to cry on or just sit in blissful silence while the small humans take a nap.

Small Thing will be selling thoughtful cards, prints, gifts, books and other lovely stuff. 

Hopefully lots of other mum artists/illustrators will be joining me soon, but i'm starting small, because, as you well know it’s a juggle; battling mum guilt, having no time to yourself and finding life on planet earth a tad overwhelming! 

In my dreams Small Thing will blossom into a massive hug of support and kindness for mums all over the world, we all struggle, strive to be the best we can be....and eat our kid’s snacks when they’re in bed, right?

You may already follow me on Instagram @helenetheillustrator, give @itssmallthing a follow too!